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File or archive your email messages

AutoArchive dialog box with Run AutoArchive check box selected

If the Run AutoArchive every check box is selected, AutoArchive will run. The number in the days box specifies how frequently messages will be archived.

You can tell if Outlook is set up to use AutoArchive by opening the AutoArchive dialog box. To see this dialog box, you would click Options on the Tools menu, click the Other tab, and click AutoArchive.

By default, AutoArchive is set to run every 14 days. To change the frequency, you would change the number in the days box.

Tip    You can also run AutoArchive at any time, if your Inbox is getting too full, by clicking AutoArchive in the Mailbox Cleanup dialog box (which you can get to from the Tools menu).

Of course, you'll also know that AutoArchive is running if you see the friendly dialog box we showed you at the beginning of this lesson. If you'd rather not see that dialog box each time AutoArchive runs, you would clear the Prompt before AutoArchive runs check box (shown in the illustration).

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