Insert copyright and trademark symbols

A variety of symbols can be added to an email message that you are composing.

To add symbols, on the Insert tab, and then in the Symbols group, click Symbol, and then click the symbol that you want.

Copyright and trademark symbols can be added by using a keyboard shortcut.

For example:

  • To insert the copyright symbol, press Ctrl+Alt+C.
  • To insert the trademark symbol, press Ctrl+Alt+T.
  • To insert the registered trademark symbol, press Ctrl+Alt+R.

There’s even a faster way to enter copyright and trademark symbols. By using the default AutoCorrect feature, type C, T, or R enclosed in parentheses such as (c). The text automatically changes to the respective symbol.

 Note    AutoCorrect for symbols only works for HTML (the default) and Rich Text format message. If you are using a plain text format message, you can still use the keyboard shortcuts previously listed.

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Applies to:
Outlook 2010