Increase the display size in the Reading Pane

There are two ways to temporarily increase or decrease the zoom level in the Microsoft Outlook 2013 Reading Pane (Reading Pane: A window in Outlook where you can preview an item without opening it. To display the item in the Reading Pane, click the item.).

  • Use the Zoom control at the bottom of the Outlook window.
  • If you are using a mouse with a wheel control, click the Reading Pane, press Ctrl, and roll the scroll wheel. Rolling the wheel away from you makes the contents larger, rolling the wheel toward you makes the contents smaller.

The zoom affects only the current item. When you select another item or folder, the Reading Pane returns to the default 100% size.

 Note    You can’t change the text size for the Reading Pane header.

Applies to:
Outlook 2013