Include a reminder in an email message

If you want to prompt others to act on or respond to an email message, you can send a reminder for the recipients with a flagged message. Another option is to send a message that is flagged with start and due dates and more information in the Flag to list. This way, the information is available to the recipients in the InfoBar (InfoBar: Banner near the top of an open e-mail message, appointment, contact, or task. Tells you if a message has been replied to or forwarded, along with the online status of a contact who is using Instant Messaging, and so on.) of the message, without a reminder.

 Tip    Use discretion when you send reminders to other people. Some recipients might not want reminders to appear on their screen while they work.

  1. In a new message, on the Message tab, in the Tags group, click Follow Up, and then click Flag for Recipients.
  2. Under Flag for Recipients, select the type of reminder that you want in the Flag to list.
  3. Select a date and time in the lists next to the Reminder check box.

The reminder type, together with the date and time, appear in the InfoBar of the message.

If you want, you can track email messages that include reminders or flags to help you follow responses.

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Applies to:
Outlook 2010