Get there with Outlook Contact maps

Applies to
Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003

Test drive Outlook Outlook Contacts are more than just little boxes on your computer screen that contain names, addresses, and other information — Contacts can practically open up the door and lead you straight to someone!

That's right — if you have entered a complete address for a person or business in your contacts, it takes just a few clicks to bring up a map to that location. And if you want written directions, that's just another click away.

Care to take Contacts for a test drive?

View a map for an address in Contacts

  1. In an open Contact, in the Addresses section, click the arrow, and then click the type of address you want to find on a map — Business, Home, or Other.

Tip    The Addresses section is in the lower left portion of a Contact card. The arrow will be next to a button displaying one of the address types.

  1. On the Contact's menu bar, on the Actions menu, click Display Map of Address.

 Note   This feature might not work on some addresses outside of the United States.

Directions on map

Callout 1 Zoom in or out of the map to find your way.
Callout 2 You have some other options, such as printing the directions.
Callout 3 Get written directions to your destination.

Outlook Contacts are all about convenience; make sure that you know the best ways to take advantage. Did you know you can also send a contact as a business card, add a picture to a contact, or create a meeting request from a contact? And there's even more.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003