Find all my unread messages

The headings of unread messages are displayed in bold text in your Inbox. The number of unread messages can be seen next to the Inbox folder in the Navigation Pane (Navigation Pane: The column on the left side of the Outlook window that includes buttons for the Mail, Calendar, and Tasks views and the folders within each view. Click a folder to show the items in the folder.). You can find your unread messages in the Unread Mail folder under Search Folders (Search Folders: Virtual folders that contain views of all e-mail items matching specific search criteria. The items remain stored in one or more Outlook folders.) in the Navigation Pane, where the unread messages are arranged by folder.

Find all my unread messages

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click the plus sign (+) next to Search Folders to display its subfolders.
  2. Click the Unread Mail folder.

Your unread items are displayed in the message list.


To make the Unread Mail folder more visible, drag it to the Favorite Folders pane.

 Important   When you delete a Search Folder, the e-mail messages shown in the Search Folder are not deleted because those items are never saved, only viewed, in a Search Folder. However, if you open or select one or more e-mail messages shown in a Search Folder and delete the e-mail messages, the messages are deleted from the Outlook folder where they are stored.

The Unread Mail folder is one of the predefined Search Folders. If you don't see this folder under Search Folders in the Navigation Pane, you can re-create it.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003