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File or archive your email messages

Inbox with folder named  "Jokes," Personal Folders file with folders "Old Jokes (Bad)" and "Old Jokes (Good)"

You name all the folders inside Personal Folders. In this picture, the Inbox contains a Jokes folder for all incoming jokes. After reading them, you could move the jokes you want to keep to Personal Folders, placing them in one of two folders: Old Jokes (Bad) or Old Jokes (Good).

With personal folders, you design the filing system. You can combine folders that are separate in Mailbox, or you can split Mailbox folders, depending on your long-term needs for these filed messages. For example, you could group messages by project or divide them by sender. This freedom is unlike archive folders, which simply mimic Mailbox.

Does this sound like you?

  • You like an empty Inbox.
  • You like to file mail as soon as you finish reading it.
  • You like to group messages by project, topic, or other major category.
  • You enjoy devising filing systems.
  • You naturally think to update your filing system, for example when old projects are completed and new ones start.
  • You create rules to move messages to specified locations.

If so, you'll really enjoy the control that personal folders give you.

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