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File or archive your email messages

Menu commands to create Personal Folders File and resulting file in Folder List

Callout 1 On the File menu, click New.
Callout 2 Select Outlook Data File.
Callout 3 Select Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst).
Callout 4 Personal Folders appears in the Folder List.

You would start creating your personal folders by clicking New on the File menu. After that, follow the procedure shown in this illustration.

Once you create Personal Folders, it's a good idea to create some folders inside it—you're doing this because you want to get organized, right? For example, a folder named Temporary can be a useful place to put messages you need to keep but don't expect to keep for long.

After you've got your filing system worked out, you can start moving messages by:

  • Right-clicking them and then clicking Move (this is the only way to move a message while it's open for viewing).
  • Dragging.
  • Creating rules to move them automatically.

We'll show you how to move by right-clicking in the practice session at the end of this lesson.

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