Create reminders as far in advance as you want

Applies to
Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003
Microsoft Outlook® 2002

In Outlook, you can specify reminders for appointments and meetings. The list of selections includes time intervals up to two weeks.

Reminder time

However, sometimes you might want a reminder further in advance of an appointment. You can specify nearly any time in advance that you want. Although the list only shows choices up to two weeks, it is possible to type in a greater interval.

You can specify a reminder to alert you of any upcoming item between now and Tuesday, August 31, 4500 — that's a maximum advance reminder of more than 150,000 weeks or 1,000,000 days. That should suffice for most people.

Open the item, select the Reminder check box, and then, in the Reminder box, type the number of days or weeks that you want followed by the unit of measure — days or weeks. For example type, 3 weeks or 30 days.

 Note   If you do not type a unit of measure, Outlook defaults to days.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003