Create an e-mail message with restricted permission

You can create e-mail messages with restricted permission using Information Rights Management only in Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.

Send an e-mail message with restricted permission.

  1. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Mail Message.
  2. Enter the recipient names in the To, Cc, or Bcc boxes (To, Cc, and Bcc boxes: A message is sent to the recipients in the To box. Recipients in the Cc (carbon copy) and Bcc (blind carbon copy) boxes also get the message; however, the names of the recipients in the Bcc box aren't visible to other recipients.). Separate names with a semicolon (;).

To select recipient names from a list in the Address Book, click To or Cc.

  1. In the Subject box, type the subject of the message.
  2. In the message body, type the message.
  3. On the E-mail toolbar, click Permission button image.
  4. Click Send.


To use a custom permission policy (permission policy: An approach to restricting permission for a given document, workbook, presentation, or message. The policy defines which Office features are available, which information can be accessed, and what level of editing is allowed.) that an e-mail administrator has created for people in your company, do the following:

  • On the File menu, point to Permission, and then click a custom permission policy on the submenu.


Applies to:
Outlook 2003