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Birthdays II: Linking contacts and birthdays

Click Play to see an animated example of adding a shortcut to your contact.

If you have birthdays or other events in your calendar, you can connect one or more of them to a contact. You would start by opening the contact and clicking the Insert tab. Then, click Attach Item to bring up the Insert Item dialog box.

Use the shortcut option to link to the calendar. You use a shortcut because it's the type of connection that allows you to jump directly from the contact to the event.

To see an animated example of creating a shortcut in a contact, click the Play button above the picture. Don't worry about remembering all of these steps now. Just follow along to get a general idea of how it's done. You'll get a chance to walk through the entire process again in the practice session at the end of this lesson and the steps will also be in the Quick Reference Card.

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