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File or archive your email messages

AutoArchive tab of Properties dialog box for a folder

Callout 1 Select this option to specify custom archive settings.
Callout 2 Use these settings to specify whether to send items to a folder other than the default folder.
Callout 3 Use this setting if you want to delete items in the folder that you are customizing.

To customize archive settings for a folder, first you would right-click the folder and click Properties. On the AutoArchive tab of the Properties dialog box, you would click Archive this folder using these settings, as shown in the picture. Then, you would specify the archiving details for that particular folder.

Notice that you can specify that you don't want to archive the contents of the folder at any time, or that you want to delete its contents permanently without archiving them. Also, you can choose any PST as your archive folder (the folder doesn't have to be named "Archive" for this process to work).

Once you choose these settings, AutoArchive will just happen. That's what makes it so easy. Still, do remember to do periodic tune-ups. As you add or remove folders, you'll want to adjust your custom AutoArchive settings to match.

You'll probably also want to adjust your settings if you get more (or less) mail for a while, join newsgroups, or otherwise change the rate of activity in the Inbox.

Tip     Test your AutoArchive settings by clicking AutoArchive in the Mailbox Cleanup dialog box, which you can get to from the Tools menu.

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