Can I add multiple signatures to an e-mail message?

You can insert only one signature per e-mail message; you cannot include multiple signatures. If you want to include more information, create one signature with all the information, and then save it with a new name.

When creating a new signature, remember that you can add the following:

  • Different text fonts and colors
  • Multiple images, including photos and logos
  • Hyperlinks

Include the information you need with Electronic Business Cards

To really customize your signature, consider adding your Electronic Business Card (Electronic Business Card: A view of specific information about a contact, in a format similar to a paper-based business card, that can be inserted into messages.). You can add multiple business cards to a signature. These online versions of traditional paper business cards catch the eye in the body of the message and can include specific information, colors, and other options — all in a recognizable and well-organized format. Find out more about Including an Electronic Business Card in your e-mail signature.

Electronic Business Card Electronic Business Card example

Examples of Electronic Business Cards
Applies to:
Outlook 2007