About signatures in messages

An e-mail signature consists of text and/or pictures that are automatically added to the end of an outgoing e-mail message. You can create custom signatures for different types of audiences. For example, use your first name for messages to friends and family, or your full name and e-mail address for messages to business contacts. You can also use a signature to add "boilerplate" text, such as an explanation of how you want others to respond to your messages. You can have a different signature for each e-mail account.

While you can create signatures in Microsoft Outlook, there are advantages to creating them in Microsoft Word. For example, in Word, you can easily insert pictures and hyperlinks into the signature. (If you need to insert an electronic business card, commonly referred to as a vCard, you must do that in Outlook.)

When you use Word to create a signature, the signature will be available from Outlook and vice versa. Changes you make to the signature will appear whether you use Word or Outlook as your e-mail editor.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003