About dialing from Outlook

If you have a modem connected to a voice telephone line, you can use Microsoft Outlook to dial any phone number you specify.

Before Outlook can make phone calls for you, you must set up your computer and a modem for automatic phone dialing. Then Outlook can dial phone numbers you specify, including phone numbers for contacts in the Outlook contacts list.

If you make frequent calls to particular phone numbers, you can create a speed dial list of those phone numbers and quickly make calls from the list. Or you can select a phone number from a list of numbers you recently dialed.

If you use your computer at different locations, you can set up dialing parameters for alternate locations. You can set up calling card use, specify how phone numbers are dialed from the current area code, and specify what number is to be dialed to reach an outside line for local or long distance calls from within a company or hotel. For each location entry, you can turn off call waiting and can select tone or pulse dialing.

If you want to automatically time a call and type notes in Outlook while you talk, you can set an option before you start the call to create a journal entry for the call in Journal. For example, you may want to use this option if you bill clients for your time spent on phone conversations.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003