Q&A: Using Office XP with the Multilingual User Interface Pack

Deployment of Microsoft® Office XP with Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI Pack) has been simplified from Microsoft Office 2000 for organizations whose users have multilingual needs. Using the MUI Pack, you can deploy a single version of Office XP to users and still offer features in non-English languages.

Q: What is Office XP with MUI Pack?

A: Office XP with MUI Pack is English Office XP with a language pack for each non-English language of Office available. The MUI Pack provides Office applications with plug-in language capabilities that make it straightforward to switch the user interface and Help files to different languages based on a user’s needs.

Deploying the MUI Pack is simpler with Office XP than with Office 2000 because now each language has its own package (MSI file) and can be customized and installed (or removed) individually.

Q: How is Office XP with MUI Pack different from a localized version of Office?

A: The following table provides an overview of the differences between Office XP with MUI Pack and a localized version of Office XP.

Office XP with MUI Pack Localized Office XP
Allows one Office customization to be applied worldwide. Requires customization of each language version of Office.
Requires only one service pack deployment (Office service pack plus MUI service pack) for all languages. Requires one service pack deployment for each language version.
Has some components whose UI or Help languages cannot be switched (for example, Setup is only available in English). Has many more localized components.
Enables single custom solutions. Requires multiple custom solutions.
Offers proofing tools for dozens of languages. Offers proofing tools for two to six languages.

Q: When might I choose to deploy a localized version of Office XP instead of Office XP with MUI Pack?

A: There are several scenarios in which deploying a localized version might be a better choice:

  • When you need to provide features listed in the MUI Pack Limitations spreadsheet — Intlimits.xls, which is included in the Office Resource Kit download (ork.exe) — to all users in their native languages. You can find this downloadable file on the Office XP Resource Kit Downloads page.
  • When the people you are deploying to use a single language throughout the organization that is not English, or use another language in addition to English.
  • When you have just a few users who speak another language and use their own computers (that is, users who don’t share computers with others who speak different languages).
  • When your organization has decentralized IT departments and does not deploy Office worldwide by using one team and one location.

Q: What about Proofing Tools for Office XP — how is this product different from the MUI Pack?

A: Proofing Tools for Office XP includes spelling and grammar checkers, thesauruses, and AutoCorrect lists that help users create and edit Office documents in more than 40 languages. Proofing tools for all languages are included on a single CD; you can install tools for a single language, or install them for multiple languages at the same time.

The MUI Pack includes everything in Proofing Tools for Office XP, along with the plug-in user interface and Help localized into different languages. The MUI Pack also includes features that help large organizations deploy Office XP worldwide (such as wizards and templates). While you can install proofing tools for multiple languages from the MUI Pack CDs, the process may be more complicated than installing Proofing Tools (the product). For example, depending on the proofing tools you need, you may need to run different MUI Pack Setup programs multiple times from different MUI Pack folders.

Q: Can I purchase the MUI Pack through a retail source?

A: Licenses to use Office XP with MUI Pack are available through Microsoft’s Open, Select, or Enterprise Agreement volume licensing programs, not through retail channels. The MUI Pack is designed specifically for large organizations that want to simplify their worldwide deployment of Office XP.

If you want the multilingual proofing capabilities of the MUI Pack, you can buy the Proofing Tools for Office XP CD which is available through retail stores and at http://shop.microsoft.com.

Q: What does the MUI Pack include?

A: The MUI Pack consists of 13 CDs that include these components:

  • A global interface (pluggable user interface) offering Office XP user interface and Help in over 30 languages.
  • Proofing tools for Office XP, which provides editing tools in more than 40 languages.
  • Multilingual User Interface Pack Setup, which you use with the /a command-line option to create an administrative installation point that will host the languages you select.
  • The MUI Pack Wizard, which is used with MUI Pack Setup to allow users to choose languages to install from the source media or an administrative installation point.
  • The System Files Update with required Office XP system and shared files for different languages.

Q: Can I get a MUI Pack for just one Office XP application, such as Microsoft Word 2003 or Microsoft Excel 2002?

A: No. The MUI Pack is offered as part of Office XP with MUI Pack release and is not available as a stand-alone product or with any of the individual Office programs.

Q: How many languages are supported in the MUI Pack?

A: Languages are grouped in a table by the CD on which they are included. For some languages, the MUI Pack provides only proofing tools. For these languages, Microsoft does not offer a localized version of Office or a MUI Pack release. The proofing tools are provided to offer advanced document editing capabilities in that language, but the user interface and Help languages are not translated.

Q: Are there updates available for Office XP with MUI Pack? Where can I find them?

A: You can find the latest administrative patches and service packs for Office XP on the Office XP Administrative Updates page of the Office XP Resource Kit.

Q: Can I install a MUI Pack service pack without installing an Office XP service pack?

A: Service packs for Office XP include updates to the product and the English user interface. You can install an Office service pack without updating the MUI Pack if you like. But for updates to the multilingual features included in MUI Packs, you need to apply the latest MUI Pack service pack. You can install a MUI Pack service pack without installing an Office XP service pack, but only your MUI Pack files will be updated, not your core Office files.

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