Touch gestures and keyboard shortcuts in OneNote

OneNote supports several touch gestures and keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate its interface and commands more easily.

Touch gestures

Radial menus
  • To expand a radial menu, activate its commands, and view its available sub-menus, tap its icon when it appears on the screen.
  • To show additional commands that relate to a particular command on the radial menu, tap the arrow next to that command or swipe from the center to the edge in the direction of the arrow.
  • To quickly activate any of the top-level commands of a radial menu, swipe around its icon on the screen without first expanding it. As you swipe around the icon, a tooltip confirms the command that will be applied when you take your finger off of the screen.

See Use radial menus to display OneNote commands for more information.

  • To show the navigation interface, place your finger on the canvas and swipe to the right.
  • To display OneNote options, go to any page in your notebook, swipe from the right edge of the screen to the left, and then tap Settings.
  • To reorder or move pages and sections in your notebook, drag the page or section horizontally until it comes loose, and then drop it to where you want.
  • To select or change notebooks, sections, or pages, tap the notebook tab, section tab, or page tab you want.
  • To quickly select a notebook, section, or page, and display the app bar, swipe horizontally across the notebook tab, section tab, or page tab you want.
Page canvas
  • To quickly pan across the page, tap and hold in a blank part of the page, and then swipe in the direction you want to pan.
  • To select a word, tap the text, and then drag on the circular handle that appears to make a selection.
Search and settings
  • To display the Windows charms bar, swipe from the right edge of the screen to the left.
App bar
  • To display the OneNote app bar, swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen

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Keyboard shortcuts

If you’re using a physical keyboard with OneNote, you can save time by using the following supported keyboard shortcuts for popular commands and tasks.

Typing, editing, and navigating notes
To do this Press
Cancel current level of an interface control ESC
Select all text and objects on a page CTRL+A
Create a new page CTRL+N
Create a new page after the current page CTRL+ALT+N
Create a new subpage CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N
Promote a subpage to a page CTRL+ALT+{ (OPEN BRACE)
Demote a page to a subpage CTRL+ALT+} (CLOSE BRACE)
Create a new section CTRL+T
Mark a page as read or unread CTRL+Q
Navigate to the previous page in the list CTRL+PAGE UP
Navigate to the next page in the list CTRL+PAGE DOWN
Navigate to the first page in the current section ALT+HOME
Navigate to the last page in the current section ALT+END
Navigate to the previously viewed page ALT+LEFT ARROW
Navigate to the next previously viewed page ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Toggle the notebook list on or off ALT+F1
Navigate to the title of the current page CTRL+SHIFT+T
Navigate to the destination of a link CTRL+ENTER (while cursor is on link text)
Cycle through user interface elements
(navigation, radial menu, canvas, app bar, etc.)
F6 (press one or more times)
Zoom in on the current page CTRL+PLUS SIGN (Numpad only)
Zoom out on the current page CTRL+MINUS SIGN (Numpad only)
Insert the current date ALT+SHIFT+D
Insert the current time ALT+SHIFT+T
Insert the current date and time ALT+SHIFT+F
Formatting text
To do this Press
Make selected text bold CTRL+B
Make selected text italic CTRL+I
Underline selected text CTRL+U
Superscript selected text CTRL+SHIFT+= (EQUAL SIGN)
Highlight selected text CTRL+SHIFT+H
Toggle text highlighting on or off CTRL+ALT+H
Copy text formatting CTRL+SHIFT+C
Paste text formatting CTRL+SHIFT+V
Apply the “To Do” tag to the current line of text CTRL+1
Apply the “Important” tag to the current line of text CTRL+2
Apply the “Question” tag to the current line of text CTRL+3
Remove note tags from the current line of text CTRL+0
Increase Font Size by 1 point CTRL+SHIFT+. (PERIOD)
Decrease Font Size by 1 point CTRL+SHIFT+, (COMMA)
Align the current paragraph to the left SHIFT+ALT+LEFT ARROW
Align the current paragraph to the right SHIFT+ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Start or end a bulleted list item CTRL+. (PERIOD) —or— CTRL+SHIFT+L
Start or end a numbered list item CTRL+? —or— CTRL+SHIFT+O
Searching, sharing, and syncing notes
To do this Press
Search notes CTRL+E
Share current page WINDOWS KEY+H
Manually sync the current notebook SHIFT+F9
Manually sync all notebooks F9
Working with tables
To do this Press
Insert a new row below CTRL+ENTER
Insert a new column to the right CTRL+ALT+R
Insert a new column to the left CTRL+ALT+E

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