Install OneNote on a mobile phone or device

You can take notes on your computer and update them on your cell phone or other mobile device no matter where you are. When you get back to your computer, pick up where you left off and stay in sync.

OneNote is available on the following devices. Go to the appropriate website to learn how to install OneNote and get more information about it.

  • Windows Phone: OneNote Mobile is already included on your Windows Phone. Go to the Windows Phone website to learn about how to use OneNote Mobile.
  • iPhone: Go to iTunes to get OneNote for iPhone.
  • iPad: Go to iTunes to get OneNote for iPad.
  • Android: Install OneNote Mobile for Android at Google Play (formerly known as Android Market).
  • Symbian Belle: OneNote Mobile is preinstalled on some devices running Symbian Belle.

 Tip    After you’ve installed OneNote, check the in-app help on your phone or device for more information about using OneNote.

Applies to:
OneNote 2013