Insert a screen clipping on a notes page

With Microsoft OneNote 2010, you can take a picture of any part of your computer screen and insert the picture into your notes. Such pictures are called screen clippings, and they can range from a few pixels to the entire height and width of your screen. Anything in the area that you select appears in the image and is automatically pasted into your notes.

Screen clippings are useful for capturing snapshots of information that may change or expire at its source — such as a breaking news story or a time-sensitive list of available flights and rates on a travel Web site. Screen clippings are also helpful for copying Web pages whose formatting may not successfully transfer into your notes by any other method.

Create a screen clipping

To create a screen clipping in OneNote and insert it into a specific location in your notes, do the following:

  1. On your screen, bring into view the information that you want to capture in the screen clipping. For example, navigate to the Web page that you want to capture as a picture.
  2. Switch to OneNote, navigate to the page you want, and then place the cursor where you want to create the screen clipping to appear.
  3. On the Insert tab, in the Images group, click Screen Clipping. OneNote is minimized and you are returned to a dimmed version of the last thing you looked at.
  4. Using the mouse, click and drag the pointer in any direction to create a rectangular selection over the area of the screen that you want to capture. For example, you can start from the upper left corner of the area you want to capture, and then drag the pointer diagonally to the lower right.
  5. When you release the mouse button, OneNote captures your selection as a picture and inserts it into your notes page at the position of the cursor. OneNote also copies the image to the Windows Clipboard so you can paste the screen clipping on another page in your notebook or into any other program or document.

 Note    Screen clippings are static images that represent a snapshot of information you captured. If the source of that information is updated, such as a Web page, the screen clipping remains the same. There is no link between a screen clipping and its original source.

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Applies to:
OneNote 2010