Demo: Organize, search, and find information in a OneNote notebook

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Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 gives you lots of flexibility for organizing your notes. You can set up your structure beforehand, or just start with a blank slate and organize as you go — or later, when you have time to think about it. Set up notebook sections by project, by date, by client, or any other way that suits you. And then change it later if you need to, just by clicking and dragging.

Watch the demo to see how much control you have over how your notebook is set up, from a few words on a page to entire pages to whole sections. You'll also see the many ways you can find information in your notebook. Search for keywords, which OneNote will find no matter where they are — in text, in hand-written ink, in URLs, in graphics, even spoken in audio files. Or, search for tags that you applied to designate something as Important, To Do, Question, Idea, or as another category. If it's in your notebook, OneNote can find it.

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Applies to:
OneNote 2007