Create or delete stationery

Do one of the following:

ShowCreate custom stationery

In addition to the stationery that came with Microsoft Office OneNote 2003, you can format any page in your notebook the way you want, and then save it as custom stationery. Stationery lets you create pages with the same page layout and appearance.

  1. Do one of the following:

ShowStart with a blank page

  1. On the File menu, click New.
  2. In the New task pane, click New Page.

 Note   You can also create a new page by clicking the New Page tab New Page tab on any page in the current section.

ShowStart with an existing stationery template

  1. On the Format menu, click Stationery.
  2. Under Add a page in the Stationery task pane, click a category, and then click the name of the stationery you want to customize.
  1. On the File menu, click Page Setup, and then in the Page Setup task pane, set any options you want.
  2. Add any content to the page that you want to appear whenever new pages are created based on your custom stationery.

For example, if you are creating stationery for meeting notes, you could add an Agenda section and headings for the meeting's date and time.

  1. In the Page Setup task pane, click Save current page as stationery.
  2. In the Stationery Name box in the Save As Stationery dialog box, type a name.
  3. To apply this stationery to every new page that you add to the current section in your notebook, select the Set as default stationery for new pages in the current section check box.
  4. Click Save.

 Note   Custom stationery that you create is automatically added to the My Stationery list in the Stationery task pane.

ShowDelete stationery

  • To delete custom stationery that you've created, in the Stationery task pane, right-click its name in the My Stationery list, and then click Delete on the shortcut menu.

 Note   Some of the features or functionality described in this topic are available only if you have installed Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1. To learn more about the service pack and how to download it, see Service pack features in OneNote 2003.

Applies to:
OneNote 2003