What happens if my subscription expires?

You purchase subscriptions to Office 365 for a specific period of time. When a subscription expires, it enters a brief grace period when you, the Office 365 admin, receive email messages and alerts warning that the subscription will soon end.

During this grace period, you can do the following:

  • Renew the expired subscription by contacting support
  • Remove users from the expired subscription: You’ll need to save any data you need before removing these users; see Cancel my subscription for more information
  • Reassign users to a new subscription

Users will still have licenses to use the services during the grace period.

 Tip    Admins can view the status of all subscriptions on the Licenses page (click Admin> Manage and purchase licenses). There, you can confirm which subscriptions have expired.

When you purchase a subscription, you assign licenses to users within your organization to use the services you purchased. If you don’t renew the subscription, it and the associated user licenses are no longer available at the end of the grace period. However, admins can still access the service. As an admin, you’ll continue to receive notifications until the expired subscription is either removed or renewed. When a subscription is removed, all data associated with your subscription, including email and documents, is permanently deleted.

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Applies to:
Office 365 Small Business admin