Verify your domain by using a TXT record or an MX record?

To verify to Office 365 that you own your domain, you create a DNS record at your DNS hosting provider, and then Office 365 uses that record to confirm that you’re the domain owner.

The DNS record you create can be a TXT record or a mail exchange record (MX record), but it depends on your situation:

  • If your DNS hosting provider allows you to create TXT records, we recommend you use a TXT record for verification. TXT records are straightforward to create. In addition, they don’t introduce the possibility of interfering with email delivery if an incorrect value is accidentally entered.
  • If your DNS hosting provider doesn’t allow users to create their own TXT records, create an MX record for verification. If the steps we provide are carefully followed, your email delivery won’t be affected.

The record that you create doesn’t affect email or any other services. After Office 365 checks for the record and confirms that you own the domain, you can go ahead and delete the record if you like.

Applies to:
Office 365 Enterprise admin, Office 365 Midsize Business admin, Office 365 Small Business admin