Set up your domain name in Office 365

You can add your GoDaddy domain to Office 365 in a four-step process that takes minutes. Adding a domain lets you convert your email address, your website and other services to your business name. You’ll provide the domain name and help Office 365 confirm that you own it. Finally, we’ll automatically set up your domain’s records at GoDaddy so email comes to Office 365.

Quick steps

Here’s how you add a GoDaddy domain and set up email.

  1. Sign in to Office 365, and at the top of the page, select Admin.
  2. On the Getting Started pane, choose Email address, and then select Start now.
  3. Type in your domain name, and choose Next.
  4. On the setup page, choose Start step 1 to get started, and then Confirm ownership.
  5. Choose Accept to allow the required updates for confirming ownership, then Finish to go back to the setup steps.
  6. Select Start step 2, and switch email addresses for yourself and your employees to your domain name.
  7. Select Start step 3, and add email addresses for anyone else who uses your domain name. Or choose No, I’ll do it later to skip this step.
  8. Select Start step 4, and then Set up records to complete the setup at GoDaddy so services will start working with your domain.
  9. Sign back in to GoDaddy, and choose Accept.
  10. Choose Finish to go back to the Setup page, and then choose All done!

Now all incoming email messages sent to your domain will arrive in your Office 365 inboxes.

For websites, you have a choice. You can leave your current website wherever it’s hosted now, even though you’ve added your domain to Office 365. If you decide to use the public website included with Office 365, you can start the process by choosing Public website on the Getting started pane.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I set up a website with my domain name in Office 365?

Your Office 365 account comes with a public website that you can customize to use for your business. The website has an initial address that is something like, where contoso is the name you chose when you signed up. To rename it, you first have to add a domain to Office 365, and then you can change your Office 365 website address to the friendlier name. All the details are included here: Use a custom domain name to rename your Office 365 public website.

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I don’t have a domain name. How can I get one?

You can buy a domain name from any domain registrar. For the simplest setup experience in Office 365, use a domain from Or you can learn more about options for buying a domain name.

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What if my domain name is not registered with GoDaddy?

You can still use your domain name even if it’s not registered with GoDaddy. The steps are more complicated, however, as you have to set things up manually and there are several options. The best way to set it up depends on how you’re using your domain name right now. This article about setting up and managing domains in Office 365 can help you decide the best option for your situation.

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Now that I’ve got email set up in Office 365, how do I move my old email messages?

As an admin of an Office 365 for Small Businesses organization with only a few users, the simplest way to move email and, in some cases, personal contacts, calendars, and tasks, from other accounts is to have your users do it themselves. There are several ways to migrate information into a new Office 365 account. Check out the options for moving email, and then decide what works best for your organization.

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Where can I learn more about using domains in Office 365?

Check out the links in this list to find much more info about using domains in Office 365 Small Business.

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