Set up a phone or tablet in Office 365

You can access Office 365 for Small Business from anywhere. Just add your Office 365 user ID to a phone or tablet, install apps specific to Office 365 for Business, and access documents on SharePoint team sites or OneDrive for Business.

Quick steps

How you set up your phone or table depends on what kind of device you use. Select your device below for information on how to set up email and other apps specific to your device.

Android phone

Apple device

Windows Phone

Windows RT


Nokia (Symbian OS)

If your device is not listed above, see Use Office 365 on mobile devices for general topics to help you set up your device.

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Frequently asked questions

What can I do to manage how users use email and IM on their phones?

You can decide how you want users in your organization to use their phones or tablets to access your organization’s Office 365 environment. For example, before you add email to your mobile device, or allow employees to add their Office 365 user ID’s to their devices, you may want to set up certain security measures.

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your Office 365 administrator user ID.
  2. In the section Manage your organization, select Manage organization-wide settings and updates.
  3. Under Mobile access select Manage permissions for phones and tablets.
  4. Select Device security settings.
  5. Move the slider to ON to require passwords when connecting with a mobile device, and select Save.
  6. If you want people to receive IM notifications, set the slider to ON.
  7. If you want people with Apple devices to be able to sync their Outlook Web App contacts to their iPhone or iPad, set the slider to ON.

For more information see, Manage how users use email and IM on their phones.

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What apps are available for my phone or tablet?

Apps that are available for your phone or tablet depends on your device. To see a comparison of mobile devices and how they work with Office 365, see Compare how different mobile devices work with Office 365.

Some of the apps you can use on your device include Office Mobile, OneNote, OneDrive for Business, and Lync. See Office on mobile devices for a list of mobile devices and available apps.

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What mobile devices work with Office 365?

Different mobile devices work differently with Office 365. See Compare how different mobile devices work with Office 365.

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Can I access Office 365 using any web browser?

Some browsers work better when accessing Outlook Web App or viewing Office Online documents. For a list of how different mobile browsers work with Office 365 see, Supported browsers for Outlook Web App and Office Online browser support.

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How do I switch between PC view and mobile view on SharePoint team sites or OneDrive for Business?

You can view a team site or OneDrive for Business site in mobile view or PC view.

To switch from mobile view to PC view

  1. In a site or library, select the More menu () in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Switch to pc view.

To switch from PC view to mobile view

  • In the SharePoint site, at the top right of the page, select Settings Settings: update your profile, install software and connect it to the cloud > Mobile view.

For more information see, Use a mobile device to work with SharePoint Online sites.

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