Get everybody ready to use Office 365

Office 365 admins can help make their users’ first experience with Office 365 smooth and productive by telling them what to expect ahead of time, and by making sure they have access to help and training resources.

Tell everyone what to expect

When you start setting up Office 365 for your organization, send an email to the people in your organization, telling them that they will soon be using Office 365. Include a link to these introductory videos:

Also, consider sending them links to some or all of the Additional resources for users we provide in this article.

Send another email when you’re ready to have everyone start using Office 365

Everyone should have a user ID and temporary password, which were sent to them by Office 365 when you created their user accounts.

When you’re ready to roll out Office 365, send each person an email that contains the information they need to get started:

  • The URL to access the Office 365 portal page:
  • The URL to access Outlook Web App directly:
  • A link to Get started with Office 365, which includes instructions for the common tasks that people need to do first
  • A link to Move email and contacts into a new Office 365 account, in case they want to import email and contacts from their old email account.
  • Information about who to contact for help (probably you)

 Important   Let people know what options to choose when they first set up Office 365. For details, see the “Install software like Office or Lync” section in Get started with Office 365.

Provide follow-up help and support

Here are some admin resources for additional questions and troubleshooting:

You can also hire a partner to help support Office 365 in your organization.

Additional resources for users

Applies to:
Office 365 Enterprise admin, Office 365 Midsize Business admin, Office 365 Small Business admin