Walkthrough: Track and manage computer assets

Learn how to inventory and track computer assets assigned to each employee in an organized and efficient way.

To help you take full advantage of the Office 365 Public Beta, we have provided the following step-by-step instructions for creating a real-world solution. In brief, this solution shows you how to create a computer asset subsite, turn the home page into a dashboard, create lists and views, set up a recurring Outlook task reminder, and optionally use an Access database to generate several colorful, detailed reports.

Not only will you learn more about the common capabilities in Office 365, but you will understand how you can use them to create a useful solution. The benefit to you as a Public Beta user is that you can try out important features in an in-depth, focused way. And, you will also be creating a practical application that clearly demonstrates how Office 365 can dramatically improve your productivity. Once you learn how to do all the steps in this scenario, you can apply these new skills in many other ways.

 Important    The services and features that this walkthrough shows depend on several factors, such as the Microsoft Office 365 plan purchase agreement, licenses that might be assigned to each user, and specific user permissions. If your experience is different from the experience shown in the video, see your site administrator.


The scenario presented in this video requires Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises.


The following download provides a .docx and .pdf file of the walkthrough (approximately 30 pages), a sample Access database containing two reports, and a sample workbook of data.

Office 365 Computer Assets Scenario Walkthrough

Applies to:
SharePoint Online for enterprises