SharePoint Online Administration Center Guide

The SharePoint Online Administration Center Guide shows the SharePoint Online Administrator how to manage and maintain site collections, and enable the features that work across site collections such as user and organizational profiles, the term store, and InfoPath Forms Services.

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The SharePoint Online Administration Center is part of SharePoint Online, which is a cloud-based service hosted on Microsoft Office 365 for enterprises. You can use SharePoint Online to share ideas and expertise, build custom sites and solutions, and find information, all without the need to set up SharePoint in your data center. By using SharePoint Online you can create and manage custom team-focused and project-focused sites for collaboration. You can also deploy a company-wide intranet portal to disseminate information and news across your organization. In addition, you can create a simple, public-facing website.

SharePoint Online Administration Center

By using the SharePoint Online Administration Center, the SharePoint Online Administrator can set up and manage site collections in SharePoint Online. This includes allocating storage to them, assigning permissions, and enabling features. After the site collections are set up, site collection owners and site owners can start using SharePoint Online. The SharePoint Online Administration Guide describes procedures for using the SharePoint Online Administration Center.

Before you begin using the SharePoint Online Administration Center, we recommend you read Step 1: Plan to manage SharePoint Online by using the Administration Center. This topic provides guidance to first-time users and lists questions to consider before you start creating and configuring your site collections.

Get more information about Administration Center features

Use the following links to find more information about using SharePoint Online Administration Center features.

To learn about creating site collections, assigning permissions, and allocating storage, see Site Collections.

To learn about how to deploy InfoPath Forms and to set up InfoPath Forms Services, see InfoPath Forms Administration.

To set up My Sites and your organizational profiles, see User Profiles.

To use metadata management in your organization, see the Managed Metadata topics.

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