Power BI for Office 365 - Service Description

Power BI for Office 365 provides powerful new ways to work with data in Excel and Office 365. The Power BI for Office 365 service includes the following capabilities:

  • Create collaborative Power BI sites to share interactive reports and custom datasets.
  • Use the Data Management Gateway to manage and refresh data connections.
  • Curate corporate data, and share and annotate data queries.
  • Consume Excel workbooks that include Power Pivot models and Power View visualizations; render workbooks up to 250MB in Excel Online.
  • Consume Excel workbooks using mobile applications.

For more information on all features, see Power BI for Office 365 – Content and Learning.

In Excel, you use the built-in capabilities of Power Pivot and Power View to model and visualize data, get even more powerful results by using Power Query to import, merge and shape data; and use Power Map to produce 3D visualizations of geospatial data. Download the add-ins, along with Power BI samples and overview. To take advantage of Power BI capabilities in Excel, you need Office 365 ProPlus, which is not included in the license for the Power BI for Office 365 service.

Software requirements

For information about the operating systems, web browsers, and applications that are supported by Office 365, see the following resource:

Power BI boundaries and limits

There are some limitations to SharePoint Online, such as site collection quotas, file upload limits, and storage limits. Power BI for Office 365 extends certain limitations, such as extending the maximum workbook size to 250MB for rendering in Excel Online, rather than the SharePoint Online maximum of 30MB for Excel Online rendering. There may be specific limits to Power BI for Office 365, the details of which will be available in the future.

For details, see SharePoint Online software boundaries and limits. In addition, there are certain types of files that you cannot upload or download in a SharePoint list or library; see blocked file types for details.

Known issues

The Office 365 team maintains a list of known issues and workarounds that applies to all service plans. For more information, see Office 2013 and Office 365 known issues.

Applies to:
Excel 2013, Office 2013, Power BI app