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What devices/platforms support the Power BI Windows Store app?

You can install the Power BI Windows Store app on any Windows 8.1 or Windows RT device, including Surface RT and Surface Pro, whether touch-enabled or not.

Currently the Power BI app doesn’t run on:

  • iPad
  • Mobile phones
  • Android devices

 Tip    For those devices, consider viewing your Excel workbooks with Power View sheets in HTML5 in a SharePoint Online site in a browser. More about the HTML5 version of Power View.

Is the page loading?

The little dots scrolling across the top of the page show that the app is downloading the report model.

Dots indicate report page is loading

Little dots spinning in a visualization show the app is retrieving data for that visualization.

How do I show the app bars?

  • Touch: Swipe up.
  • Mouse: Right-click.
  • Keyboard: Windows + Z

Can I change the order of reports on the home page?

You can bring a report back to the first position.

  1. From the home page, on the app bar tap Manage Favorites.
  2. On the Manage Favorites page, flick (a quick downward motion) to select one or more reports (mouse: right-click), and then tap Remove.
  3. On the app bar, tap Browse.
  4. Navigate the report again, flick to select it, and then tap Favorite.

Can I change how many pages the Power BI app displays for reports on the home page?

Not in the current release.

Can I choose the pages in a report that the Power BI app displays?

The Power BI app displays all the pages that the report author has chosen to display.

“We don’t currently support this chart type”

The Power BI app doesn’t support all visualizations and actions available in Power View in Excel, so you might see a message that we don’t support a particular chart or other visualization. We’re working to add more visualizations all the time.

If you have access to the Excel workbook, open it in Excel and change it to a supported visualization.

What’s the file size limit for workbooks in Office 365?

The size limit for files in SharePoint Online in Office 365 is 10 MB.

Power BI for Office 365 licenses support uploading workbooks up to 250 MB. To check your Office 365 license status, contact your IT department. More about Power BI sites on Power BI for Office 365.

Does the Power BI app support scheduled data refresh?

The Power BI app currently doesn’t support scheduled data refresh, but you can refresh data manually, and every time you open a report in the Power BI app, the data is refreshed automatically. Refreshing updates the data in the report on the Power BI app, but not the data in the Excel workbook.

You can schedule data refresh for reports in Power BI for Office 365.

Does the Power BI app support multi-dimensional models?

Not currently.

Does the Power BI app support on-premises or hybrid (private cloud) data?

Not currently.

How do I get help when I’m in the Power BI app?

You can get help from within the app.

  1. Tap the Settings charm.
  2. Tap Help.

The Tips page illustrates some gestures that come in handy in the Power BI app.

  1. For more help, tap Get more help online for Power BI in the lower-right corner.

 Tip    To get back to the Power BI app, swipe from the left edge (Windows+ Tab on the keyboard). This takes you back to the Power BI app.

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