Delete Your Shared Queries

[Power Query version 2.10]

You can delete your shared queries in Power Query if the data represented by the shared query is no longer relevant to the business. You can only delete those queries that have been shared by you; you cannot delete queries that have been shared by other users.

To delete your shared query:

  1. Sign in to Power BI from Power Query, if you are not already signed in. In Excel, on the POWER QUERY tab, click Sign In. In the Sign In dialog box, click Sign In, and then enter your organizational account information that was used for signing up for Power BI.

IMPORTANT: Signing in to Power BI using your organizational account enables you to view the queries that you shared within the organization. You cannot view your shared queries in Power Query if you are not signed in to Power BI.

  1. On the POWER QUERY tab, click Shared.
  2. The Shared pane displays all the queries currently shared by you. The queries are sorted by the date and time when they were shared or last modified with the most recent one at the top of the list.

Point your mouse or click on a shared query name in the Shared pane that you want to delete. A data source preview fly out screen displays for the shared query. Click DELETE in the preview fly out screen.

Delete your shared query

  1. You are prompted to confirm the delete request. Click Delete again.

Confirm deletion of your shared query

Deleting a shared query removes it from the Power BI Data Catalogue, and it is no longer available to the users within your organization. However, the underlying data sources are unaffected when you delete a shared query that is built using these data sources.

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Applies to:
Excel 2013