What can team members do in Project Online?

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Team members are the people who are doing the day-to-day work on projects. Once they’re assigned tasks in Project Online, team members are responsible for things like turning in timesheets, managing their tasks, and collaborating with others. Team Members

Turn in timesheets

Timesheets Timesheets are at the core of what team members will do in Project Online. Yes, there are other things they can do, but if you ask a team member what Project Online is for, they’ll most likely tell you it’s for filling out timesheets.

Team members can:

Manage tasks

Tasks Team members also need to communicate with project managers about their tasks.

Team members can:

Collaborate with others

Collaborate Team members typically need to work together to get things done.

Team members can:

I’m a team member and I’m totally lost. Help!

Okay first, relax! Working in Project Online is relatively easy once you know your way around. Here’s a Quick Start Guide to help you figure out what you’re doing:

Download a Quick Start Guide to help you track work in Project Online

When in doubt, ask another team member!    The people you work with are often the best source of information about working in Project Online. They’re familiar with how your organization has customized things, and what processes are in place. If you need help, don’t be shy! Your coworkers may be just as confused as you are, and working together may make things easier.

Track Work in Project Online Quick Start Guide
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Project Web App for Project Online