Tracking team work with Office 365

With Microsoft Office 365, you can create projects, work on the same files at the same time, and track your progress--quickly and efficiently, without stepping on each other’s toes or text.

Why will this help? What if you have a big team project due—for example, you're applying for a grant—and your team needs to pull together all the data, write the proposal, polish it up, and submit it on time, or you'll miss out on that potential funding source?

You can create a tracking sheet in Microsoft Excel, or you can start by using a template.

You can add assignments (the things that need to get done and who's going to do them) and a schedule (when things must be done by).

You can link to important information.

You can also set up a status measure—such as Not Started, In Progress, or Completed. Color coding, such as red-yellow-green, gives you an at-a-glance update of each status.

You can use conditional formatting to make the color coding automatic.

After your tracking sheet is set up, you can save it to the Document Library on your Office 365 team site, so that everyone on your team can see it and update it.

Set up an alert so that you're notified whenever one of your team members changes the tracking sheet.

    And send mail to your teammates letting them know where they can update the tracking sheet.

    They can use Microsoft Excel Web App to update the tracking sheet, and they can all work together on it at the same time.

    And they can quickly get their questions answered by discussing them in Microsoft Lync Online.

    Your team mates can also upload documents they create to the Document Library, and they can add links to the tracking worksheet, so that everyone can quickly reach each component of the project.

    You can check the project's progress whenever you're online—including from your phone.

    Office 365 can help you streamline your processes and spend less time getting the work done, so you have more time to make it great.

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    Applies to:
    Excel Web App, SharePoint Online for enterprises, SharePoint Online for professionals and small businesses