Share a spreadsheet, document, presentation, or notebook in OneDrive

Your Office document is stored on OneDrive. Now share it with your friends, or with the world.

  1. Go to your OneDrive, and right-click the document, and then click Share.
    Share command
  2. Type the email address of the person you want to share with. Press ENTER between multiple addresses. When you click Share your message includes a link to the document.

Share with care

Remember that if someone forwards your mail to someone else, and you didn’t select Require everyone who accesses this to sign in, whoever receives the mail will be able to see the document. So if you want the document just for your recipients to see, select that checkbox before you hit Share.

Share options in OneDrive

Editing is different. You give permission to edit a document, and the people with permission have to sign in to OneDrive to edit. That way, your document doesn’t get edited by strangers.

You don’t need to worry about closing the document for others to open it. In Word Online, Excel Online, and OneNote Online you and your friends can edit the document at the same time.

Share with your community

Instead of sending email, you might want to share your document with your community on FaceBook, MySpace, or LinkedIn. To do that, click the Post to link, and then pick where you want to share. (The first time you do this, click Add services to connect to your social networking services.)
Post to Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn

Share with the world

You can make your document public, so that when someone searches the web or clicks a link, your document opens in their web browser. To do this, click Get a link, and then click Make public.
Get a link

Press Ctrl+C to copy the resulting URL, and then paste it into mail, IM, your FaceBook page or Twitter post—wherever you want to share the document.

 Tip    If you’re pasting in a tweet, or if the URL just seems too long, click Shorten, and then copy it.

Applies to:
Office 2013