Brainstorming with OneNote Web App

Brainstorming generates ideas for your organization, but it’s a challenge if you can’t get everyone in the same room at the same time, or if someone comes up with a great idea after the meeting. Some ideas, you’ll want to act on right away. But other ideas need time to incubate, and you don’t want to lose track of those.

If your team uses Microsoft OneNote Web App in Microsoft Office 365, you have a place in the cloud to brainstorm, where everyone on the team can add ideas, initiate action, and return later for follow-up.

Your team site comes with a library where you can create OneNote notebooks, even if you don’t have the Microsoft OneNote 2010 desktop application. Just click the OneNote button on your Office 365 home page to start a notebook.

You can type anywhere on the notebook page, and more than one person can be working in the notebook at the same time. If people on your team have OneNote 2010, they can open the notebook in their desktop application while other people are working in OneNote Web App.

You’ll be able to see what others are typing on the page as they type. To see who is doing what, click the View tab, and then click Show Authors.

An easy way to share the notebook is to send a link in e-mail. Here’s how:

  1. With the notebook open in OneNote Web App, copy the web address in your browser (select the address and press CTRL+C).
  2. Type up your e-mail, referring to the notebook with text like, “brainstorming notebook.”
  1. Select the text that refers to the notebook, and press CTRL+K.
  2. Press CTRL+V to paste the web address of the notebook into the Address box in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, and then click OK.
    Mail recipients see a friendly-text link, instead of the lengthy address of the notebook. When they click the link, their browser opens the notebook in OneNote Web App.

The video in this article depicts starting a notebook at the Home page in Office 365, but another way to start a brainstorming notebook is to create a notebook in OneNote 2010 and save it in your team’s SharePoint library. For details, see Save a document to SharePoint from Office 2010. For more information about using OneNote 2010 and OneNote Web App, see the following resources:

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Applies to:
OneNote Web App, SharePoint Online for enterprises, SharePoint Online for professionals and small businesses