Access your business documents from anywhere

Microsoft Office 365 provides cloud storage for your documents, so you can access them anytime, anywhere. And with Microsoft Office Web Apps, you can read or even edit critical business documents when you’re away from a computer that has a recent version of Microsoft Office installed.

All you need to be productive is an Internet- or smartphone-connection to your team site in Office 365.

Your team site comes with a library for storing and sharing documents. You can use that library for all your documents, or you can set up a custom library if you want to manage a specific type of document. For example, you could set up a library of press releases that can be sorted or filtered on properties associated with the documents, such as release date or subject matter.

For more information about SharePoint libraries, including document libraries, see Introduction to libraries. Be sure to follow links in the See Also section for specific instructions on how to create libraries and how to customize them (by creating or changing columns, which store the document properties).

If you set up a custom library, you can configure it so that the New Document command opens a custom template, such as a press release that contains boilerplate text. If the person creating the document doesn’t have a recent version of Office (Office 2003 or later), SharePoint starts the new document in Office Web Apps. To learn how to set up the template, see Set a file template for a document or form library.

Your business document might be one that’s already on your computer, or you could start from a template. For example, here is the press release template that’s used in the video: Press release (Elegant design). Find a template to suit your needs by clicking File and then New in your Office program, or by searching at Templates on

To get your document in the library, where you can access it in Office Web Apps, see Start using Office Web Apps in SharePoint.

If you start with a template, and you want to use that as the basis of all new documents in the library, do this:

  1. Start a new document in your Office program (Word, Excel, or PowerPoint): on the File tab, click New, and then select the template you want.
  2. Customize the content so that the document is suitable as a basis for all documents of that type. For example, in a press release template, include your company’s contact information, the phrase, “For Immediate Release,” and any other standard text.
  3. Save the document in an place that’s easy for you to remember, such as your Desktop.
  4. Store a copy of the document in the Forms folder associated with the library, and change the library settings so that the library opens a copy of the document when the New Document command is used. For instructions, see Specify a custom file template for a document or form library.

For information about accessing documents with your smartphone, see:

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Applies to:
SharePoint Online for enterprises, SharePoint Online for professionals and small businesses , Word Web App