Office Profile Wizard

The Office Profile Wizard helps you to create and distribute a default user profile that includes standard locations for files and templates. Using the Profile Wizard, you can preset options so that users do not have to customize their settings. You can also change default values to match your organization's needs or to ensure that users have access to shared templates. When you deploy a standard user profile, all of your users start with the same Office configuration.

When you save an Office user profile, you create an Office profile settings file (OPS file). You can include your OPS file in a Windows Installer transform (MST file) to distribute the settings when Microsoft Office 2003 is deployed. You can also use the Profile Wizard to help back up and restore user-defined settings from one computer to another.

Download and install the Office Profile Wizard

The Office Profile Wizard is automatically installed on your computer when you install the Office Resource Kit toolkit.

Toolbox    The Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit toolset (ork.exe) is available as a download. You can find this downloadable file on the Office 2003 Resource Kit Downloads page.

To locate the tool, click the Start button, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Office, point to Microsoft Office Tools, point to Microsoft Office Resource Kit, and then click Profile Wizard.

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For more information about the Office Profile Wizard, see Customizing User-Defined Settings.

Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003