Office Converter Pack

The Microsoft® Office Converter Pack bundles together a collection of file converters and filters that can be deployed to users. The Converter Pack can be useful to organizations that use Microsoft Office 2003 in a mixed environment with earlier versions of Office and other applications, including Office for the Macintosh and third-party productivity applications. While these converters and filters have been available previously, they are packaged together here for convenient deployment.

 Important   If you need to convert a file created using an Office 2003 application so it can be used in a prior version, consider using the File of type option at the bottom of the Save as dialog for each application. The majority of Office applications have built in converters that do not require converters from the converter pack to save to the earlier versions of Office applications. Also, you can save to alternate file types if needed and open the files using one of the available converters from the converter pack. For example, saving a Word document to an RTF file allows it to be opened by most word processing programs. In the case of Microsoft Access, using the File | Export option allows users to export the data in their database to an alternate format that might be capable of being imported by other database applications.

 Note   Not all converters available with Office 2003 install by default. You may need to run the setup utility to install these optional converters. To do so, obtain the installation CD if you installed Office from a CD. If you installed from a network, Office has remembered the installation source location and will automatically find it if needed. If it cannot find the source installation point, it will prompt you for the information it needs.

1. Open Control Panel and run the Add or Remove Programs utility and select Microsoft Office 2003. Then click Change.
2. You will need to perform a custom installation by selecting Add or Remove Features. Then click Next.
3. Set Choose advanced customization of applications to checked and click Next.
4. Then scroll to the bottom of the feature tree and double-click on Office Shared Features.
5. Double-click Converters and Filters. In this node you will find Text Converters and Graphic Filters. Double-click each of these nodes and select Run from My Computer for each converter or filter you want to use (click on the graphic symbol preceding the text in the node to select Run from My Computer).

When you have finished selecting the converters and filters you want to use, click Update. Depending on the number of changes you have made, it will take some time to update your installation of Office. When it is finished, it will notify you whether or not it successfully installed the converter features.

Toolbox     The converter pack for Office 2003 also works for Office 97, Office 2000, and Office XP, whose converter packs have been retired. The Office Converter Pack is a self-extracting executable file (Oconvpck.exe) and is available as a download. You can find this downloadable file on the Office 2003 Resource Kit Downloads page.

Installing the Office Converter Pack

If you are an end user, you install the converter pack by downloading it to a folder on your computer's hard disk drive, browsing to the file by using Windows Explorer, and double-clicking Oconvpck.exe.

If you are an Office administrator, you can distribute the files in the method outlined below.

Create a server share for the install package

Oconvpck.exe is an IExpress package that automatically installs the converters from compressed files. To extract the files from the package without starting an installation, you use two command-line options, /T and /C. The /T option instructs the IExpress package what permanent folder to use to store the package files. The /C option instructs the IExpress package to not attempt to install the files, but to extract them to the folder specified by /T.

For example:

OCONVPCK.EXE /T:<myfolder> /C

Replace <myfolder> with the server and share path you want to use (such as \\myserver\myshare); it must be a complete path, not a relative path. It is recommended that you enclose the string with double quotation marks. When this command line is executed, the IExpress package will copy the files into the provided share (assuming the share exists before you attempt the extraction).

Once the files are on the share, you can send users the following command line to install the files, using an e-mail message or other means of distribution:


You can include other command-line options, as might be required by your organization, such as /q for a quiet install.

Summary of converters and filters

When you install the Microsoft Office Converter Pack, only the converters and filters that are appropriate for your version of the Microsoft Office programs are made available for installation.

Text Converters

The following text converters are installed by the Microsoft Office Converter Pack for your installed version of Microsoft Office.

  • Microsoft Word 6 RTF export converter (Wrd6Er32.CNV)
  • Microsoft Word 97 and above import converter (MsWrd832.CNV)
  • Text Converter shared code DLL (MSConv97.DLL)
  • Text Recovery converter (Recovr32.CNV)
  • WordPerfect 5 import converter (Wpft532.CNV)
  • WordPerfect 6 and above import converter (Wpft632.CNV)
  • WordPerfect Equation filter (WpEqu532.DLL)

 Note    The Microsoft Office Converter Pack registers its installed text converters in the following registry location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Text Converters

Image Filters

The following image filters are available to install from the Microsoft Office Converter Pack, based on the version of the Microsoft Office program you have installed.

  • Computer Graphics Metafile import filter (CGMimp32.FLT)
  • Corel Draw graphic import filter (CDRimp32.FLT)
  • Encapsulated Postscript import filter (EPSimp32.FLT)
  • Graphic Interchange Format import filter (GIFimp32.FLT)
  • JPEG graphic import filter (JPEGim32.FLT)
  • Macintosh PICT graphic import filter (PICTim32.FLT)
  • Portable Network Graphics import filter (PNG32.FLT)
  • WordPerfect Graphic import filter (WPGimp32.FLT)

 Note    The Microsoft Office Converter Pack registers its installed image converters in the following registry location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Graphics Filters

Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003