Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit Tools

For Microsoft® Office 2003, the Microsoft Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit tools have been updated to help provide you with increased control over how you customize, configure, and deploy Office within your organization. If you have the Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit CD, you can install the tools, samples, and support documents through one integrated Setup program.

A significant part of the Office Resource Kit is the ongoing support provided on the Office Resource Kit Web site. The Web site includes all of the information provided with the book, plus additional tools and articles on software updates, emerging technologies, and management strategies. Current versions of all tools and support files are provided in the Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit Toolbox, along with links to administrative update files for any Office 2003 service releases offered at a later date.

Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit Toolbox

The following table summarizes the tools that are installed when you run the Office Resource Kit Setup .You can find the downloadable Toolbox on the Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit Downloads page.

Tool name Description
CMW File Viewer Enables you to view the changes that a configuration maintenance file (CMW file) makes to a user's computer.
Custom Installation Wizard Allows you to create a unique Windows Installer transform (MST file) for every installation scenario you need, without altering the original Windows Installer package (MSI file).
Custom Maintenance Wizard Enables you to change settings, installation states, and other options after Office has been initially deployed.
Customizable Alerts Contains the Errormsg.xls workbook, which consists of lists of error messages for Office 2003 applications.
International Information Contains updated reference files that provide information about international versions of Office 2003.
MST File Viewer Enables you to view customizations that a transform (MST file) makes to a user's computer.
Office Information Contains a variety of support files such as the product file list, comprehensive registry key list, and security certificates.
Office Profile Wizard Helps you to create and save a default user profile, including standard locations for files and templates.
Office Removal Wizard Lets you maintain a fine level of control over which files are removed from a user's system.
OPS File Viewer Displays the contents of an Office profile settings file (OPS file) created by the Profile Wizard in a readable text format in Microsoft Notepad.
Package Definition Files Files used by Microsoft Systems Management Server to install Office remotely.

Supplementary tools and information

The Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit also includes a number of supplemental tools and support files that are copied to your computer during installation, but which must be installed separately before use. These tools are also available separately from the Toolbox on the Office Resource Kit Web site. The following table summarizes the available tools.

Document file name Description
HTML Help Workshop Version 1.3 of the HTML Help Workshop can be used to create Help topics that provide information and assistance specific to your organization. To install, run Htmlhelp.exe from the \Program Files\ORKTools\ORK11\TOOLS\HTML Help Workshop folder on your computer.
Office Converter Pack A collection of converters designed to help you migrate files from third-party products and earlier versions of Microsoft Office. To install, run Oconvpck.exe from the \Program Files\ORKTools\ORK11\TOOLS\Office Converter Pack folder on your computer.
Outlook Administrator Pack Enables administrators to modify the default settings of the Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 security features. To install, run Admpack.exe from the \Program Files\ORKTools\ORK11\TOOLS\Outlook Administrator Pack folder on your computer.
Office policy templates Office policy templates (ADM files) are designed for use with the Microsoft Windows Group Policy snap-in. They are installed in the \windows\inf directory on your computer.

Other Microsoft administration tools

Some of the services that were previously provided by Office Resource Kit tools are now available from other Microsoft sources.

Tool Description
Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit The current version of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit is available for download from the Internet Explorer Administration Kit Web site.
Group Policy snap-in The Windows Group Policy snap-in provides full support for Office policy templates (ADM files). It is included with all versions of Microsoft Windows® from Windows 2000 on. The Group Policy snap-in replaces the System Policy Editor provided with previous editions of the Office Resource Kit.
Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003