Microsoft Office HTML Viewer

The Microsoft® Office HTML Viewer is a new feature of Microsoft Office Editions 2003 and Microsoft Windows® SharePoint™ Services. It provides on-the-fly file conversion for users who need to view the content of files stored in Windows SharePoint Services document libraries but do not have the applications necessary to view these files in their native format.

The Microsoft Office HTML Viewer can also be used to allow viewing of important content by users who have less than optimum computer configurations. This service can save valuable time and money when implemented within corporate networks comprised of diverse hardware and software.

Conversion of a native format file to HTML viewing can take between 1 to 30 seconds, depending on the complexity and size of the document as well as the speed and resources of the dedicated computer.

Toolbox    The installation files for the Microsoft Office 2003 HTML Viewer are packaged in one self-extracting executable (htmlview.exe). You can find this downloadable file on the Office 2003 Resource Kit Downloads page.

To ensure a fast response time and to allow for the growth of the user base over time, you should plan to dedicate a separate computer for this service. The recommended Office HTML Viewer server configuration is a Windows XP Professional workstation with a minimum of 256 megabytes (MB) of RAM, a 40-gigabyte (GB) hard disk, and a network connection to the SharePoint Services server (through the same domain).

Complete information on deploying the viewer service is covered in the document “HTML Viewer Whitepaper” included with the package.

Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003