Excel File Recovery and Date Tools

Tools Information

The Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit includes Microsoft Excel date and file utilities that can help you with such tasks as converting year dates from two to four digits, searching for functions that accept date arguments, and recovering corrupted data.

Excel File Recovery Macro

Use this add-in to gain access to Excel workbooks that appear to be corrupted. This utility extracts and copies salvageable data into a new Excel workbook.

Excel Date Migration Wizard

The Date Migration Wizard is an add-in for Excel 97 or Excel 2000 that you can use to scan workbooks for worksheet functions that accept date arguments. Dates entered as text may produce different results than they did in previous versions. The unexpected results that may occur are due to a change in the date algorithm in Excel 97 and Excel 2000.

Excel Date Fix Wizard

The Excel Date Fix Wizard has three primary functions. You can use it to change the year component of all date formats from two digits to the more precise and unambiguous four digits. You can use it to modify serial numbers related to dates so that they fall within a specific century. Finally, you can use the wizard to create a report of workbooks that contain dates for easy reference.

Excel Date Watcher

The Date Watcher add-in interactively flags date entry problems that calculate differently between older versions of Excel and Excel 2000.

Installing the Excel Tools

The Excel tools are automatically copied to your computer when you install the Office Resource Kit. The following table lists the file names for the tools.

File name Description
Cleaner.xla Excel File Recovery Macro
Datefix.xla Excel Date Fix Wizard
Datescan.xla Excel Date Migration Wizard
Datewtch.xla Excel Date Watcher

To install an add-in, start Excel, click Add-Ins on the Tools menu, and then click the Browse button. In the Browse dialog box, change to the folder where you installed the files (the default location is \Program Files\ORKTools\ToolBox\Tools\Excel Tools). Finally, select the add-ins you want to install. These items are added to the list in the Add-Ins dialog box.

See also

For more information about the Date Migration Wizard and Date Fix Wizard, see the following documents located in the Excel Tools folder.

File name Description
Datemigw Describes how to use the Excel Date Migration Wizard.
Datefixw Describes how to use the Excel Date Fix Wizard.
Datewtch Describes how to use the Excel Date Watch Wizard.
Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003