Download the Enhanced Version of Office Setup

June 10, 1999

The enhanced version of the Microsoft Office 2000 Setup program gives you greater flexibility for deploying Office in your organization. The upgraded version is identical to the Setup.exe that ships with Office 2000, but also includes new features such as the /chained command-line option and a larger security buffer.

Toolbox     The Office Resource Kit includes the enhanced Setup.exe file (Setup.exe version 9.0.3821) in a downloadable file named Office 2000 Setup program — updated April 20, 2000 (Setupsr1.exe). You can find this downloadable file on the Office 2000 Resource Kit Downloads page.

You can use the new version of Setup.exe in the following products:

  • Microsoft Office 2000
  • Standalone versions of Office 2000 applications
  • Microsoft Office 2000 MultiLanguage Pack
  • Microsoft Office 2000 English Language Pack (available with localized versions of Office)
  • Microsoft Office Server Extensions (OSE)
  • Microsoft Publisher 2000

The new version of Setup is designed for use in all customized installations of these products and for Microsoft Systems Management Server deployments.

 Note    The Setup program file for OSE is named Setupse.exe. To replace the OSE Setup program with the enhanced version, download the new Setup.exe file and rename it Setupse.exe before replacing the existing Setupse.exe in OSE. Do not replace the Setup.exe file that is in the same folder as Setupse.exe.

New /chained command-line option

The new version of Setup.exe accepts the /chained command-line option, which allows you to add Windows Installer-based Setup programs to your Office 2000 transform. This step allows you to chain together two installations.

To chain Setup programs together

  1. Start the Custom Installation Wizard.
  2. In the Add Installations and Run Programs panel, click Add.
  3. In the Add/Modify Program Entry dialog box, click Browse.
  4. Select the Setup.exe program for the installation you want to add and click OK.

You must use the new version of Setup.exe.

  1. In the Command line box, after the executable file name, type /chained and any other command-line options you want to use.
  2. Click OK.

For example, you can create a transform for Office 2000 and add a command line for MultiLanguage Pack Setup that specifies the /chained command-line option. When Office Setup is finished, Windows Installer runs the MultiLanguage Pack Setup program.

You can add only one Windows Installer-based Setup program to a given transform. To chain more than two installations together, you must create multiple transforms and chain them all together.

For example, you can add Publisher Setup to the MultiLanguage Pack transform, and then add MultiLanguage Setup to the Office transform. When you run Office Setup with the Office transform, Office is installed first, followed by the MultiLanguage Pack, and then followed by Publisher.

How the /chained option works

When you add programs to a transform by using the Add Installations and Run Programs panel in the Custom Installation Wizard, Windows Installer runs the programs after it has finished installing the original product. The programs are run in the order in which they appear in the transform.

If you add a standard Windows Installer-based Setup program to a transform, however, the added installation fails. This failure occurs because Setup.exe tries to run a second instance of the Installer while the original Installer is still running - and two instances of the Installer cannot run simultaneously.

You can use the enhanced version of Setup.exe to avoid this conflict. When the /chained command-line option is set, Setup.exe waits for any added programs to finish and for the first instance of the Installer to terminate before attempting to run the Installer again.

Larger security buffer

If you run the original Office 2000 Setup program on Windows NT® 4.0, and you are a member of a large number of groups, Setup might not recognize that you are logged on as an administrator.

The enhanced version of Setup.exe contains a larger security buffer for very long security group strings. This increased buffer helps make sure that Setup recognizes the administrator account correctly.

More complex Setup settings

The enhanced version of Setup.exe has been updated to accommodate a larger and more complex Setup settings (INI) file.

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Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003