Apply Office 2000 Full-File Patches Without the Source

The process of deploying product updates to users is delayed or complicated when users are prompted for an installation source to which they no longer have access. With Office 2000, users may run into this source requirement whether you deploy binary (client) or full-file (administrative) patches. However, a new patch helps reduce the likelihood that the Office 2000 Setup program will require the source in scenarios where you are distributing full-file patches.

By default when Windows Installer encounters an unversioned file, it automatically recopies the entire file from the source. The behavior occurs because Windows Installer cannot determine whether an unversioned file has been changed or corrupted. The new patch updates the Office file hash table, allowing Windows Installer to verify unversioned files. Not only does this update reduce the chances that users will be prompted for the source, it also makes copying files faster when necessary and reduces the load on your network.

For more information and to download the file hash patch, see the Knowledge Base article Office 2000 Update: February 10, 2004.

 Note   The Office 2000 file hash patch is available only for English and Japanese language versions of Office 2000.

The file hash patch requires the following:

  • Windows Installer 2.0 or later
  • Office 2000 Service Pack 3 or later

There is no full-file (administrative) version of this patch; it is a binary patch that must be applied directly to client computers. Once you have updated the file hash table on all client computers, you can maintain your administrative installation points at a baseline level and apply full-file updates directly to clients. This patching strategy helps to avoid both the source requirement and the synchronization problems that can occur between a patched administrative image and unpatched clients. For more information, Distributing Office 2000 Client Updates to Users.

 Note   Users who apply the binary (client) versions of patches may still be prompted for the source.