Take your notes on the go with OneNote

Capture notes

Whether it's a fleeting idea, last minute to-do, or a quick picture to inspire your kitchen remodel, OneNote makes it easy for you to capture and remember notes and ideas—no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Manage lists

If you have your phone, you have your lists. Use OneNote to keep your current grocery list, your daily to-dos at the office, and your Saturday errands in the same place. Check items off your lists as you go, and stay organized throughout the day.

Anywhere, anytime access

Your notes are synced and stored on Microsoft SkyDrive so they're always up-to-date and available from your phone, PC, or web browser. Plan meals on your laptop, and access your grocery list from your phone. Check off your to-dos from your phone, and plan for tomorrow's workday at your desk.

Capture notes and ideas with OneNote on these devices:
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