Insert, delete, or change a comment

Use comment (comment: A note or annotation that is added to a document. Word displays the comment and the name of its author in a balloon in the margin of the document or as an entry in the Reviewing pane.) in your document to make suggestions to other people or to track issues for follow-up. To preserve the layout of your document, comments are displayed in balloons (balloons: In print layout view or web layout view, balloons show markup elements, such as comments and tracked changes, in the margins of your document. You can use balloons to accept or reject changes made to a document.) that appear in the margin.

Comment balloon

Comment balloon

Do any of the following:

ShowInsert a comment

  1. Select the text or item that you want to comment on, or click to insert the cursor near the text that you want to comment on.
  2. On the Review tab, under Comments, click New.

Word Review tab, Comments group

  1. Type the comment text in the comment balloon.

 Tip   You can also turn on Track Changes, which uses revision mark (revision mark: A mark that shows where a deletion, insertion, or other editing change has been made in a document. Word can track changes by marking revisions as you make them, or by marking revisions when it compares two versions of a document.) to show additions, deletions, and formatting changes.

ShowDelete a comment

  1. Select the comment that you want to delete.
  2. On the Review tab, under Comments, click Delete.

Word Review tab, Comments group

 Tip   You can also delete a comment by clicking the close button in the upper-right corner of the comment balloon.

ShowChange the name or initials used in a comment

If you collaborate with multiple reviewers and want to avoid anonymous comments, ask your reviewers to add their names or initials by using this procedure.

  1. On the Word menu, click Preferences.
  2. Under Personal Settings, click User Information Under Personal Settings, click User Information.
  3. In the First, Last, and Initials boxes, type the first name, last name, and initials that you want to use in your comments.

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Applies to:
Word for Mac 2011