Copy styles and AutoText between documents or templates

You can use the Organizer to copy style (style: A combination of formatting properties — such as font, font size, and paragraph indentation — that you name and save as a set. When you apply a style to selected text, all the formatting properties in that style are applied.) and AutoText AutoText: A location where you can store reusable text or graphics that you want to insert quickly by typing only a few characters. For example, you might store a standard contract clause or a long distribution list for memos. Word comes with some standard entries, such as "Dear Sir or Madam" and "Respectfully yours.") between your documents and templates. For example, if you have created a custom style in one document and want to use it in another, you can copy the style instead of recreating it.

  1. On the View menu, click Draft, Web Layout, Outline, or Print Layout.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Templates and Add-Ins.
  3. Click Organizer.
  4. To copy items to or from a different template or file, click Close File, and then click Open File to open the template or file that you want.
  5. Click the tab for the kind of items that you want to copy.
  6. Click the items that you want to copy in either list, and then click Copy.

To select a range of items, hold down SHIFT , and then click the first and last items. To select nonadjacent items, hold down COMMAND as you click each item.

 Note   If you cannot save changes to the template, or if the Copy button is unavailable, the file might be protected or locked.

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Applies to:
Word for Mac 2011