Keyboard shortcuts for Lync

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks efficiently in Lync.

ShowSign in and sign out

To Press
Sign in or sign out COMMAND + G
Cancel sign in COMMAND + PERIOD
Quit Lync COMMAND + Q

ShowContact list

To Press
Show the contacts list COMMAND + L
Close the active window (contact list or message window) COMMAND + W

ShowInstant message

To Press
Save an instant message COMMAND + S
Check spelling COMMAND + SHIFT + COLON (:)
Undo text COMMAND + Z
Cut text COMMAND + X
Copy text COMMAND + C
Paste text COMMAND + V
Select everything in the message window COMMAND + A
Open the Conversation History COMMAND + O
Send e-mail to the selected contact COMMAND + E
Open a conversation window, select the contact ENTER or SPACE

ShowAudio and video calls

To Press
Exit full screen video ESC
Pause full screen video SPACEBAR

ShowOnline Meeting and Desktop Sharing

To Press
Meet with a call COMMAND + N
Join online meeting by using a URL UP ARROW + COMMAND + N
Exit full screen mode during desktop viewing ESC

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Applies to:
Lync for Mac 2011