Rename an Excel table

Every time that you create an Excel table, Excel assigns a default name to the table by using the following naming convention: Table1, Table2, and so on. However, you can change the name of each table to make it more meaningful to you.

  1. Click the table that you want to rename.
  2. On the Tables tab, under Tools, click Rename.

Tables tab, Tools group

  1. On the formula bar, in the Name box (Name box: The box at the left end of the formula bar that identifies the selected cell, chart item, table name, or drawing object. You can type a name in the Name box, and then press ENTER to quickly name a selected cell or range. You can also move to and select a previously named cell by clicking its name on the Name pop-up menu.), type a new table name.

Name box

  1. Press ENTER .

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Applies to:
Excel for Mac 2011