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Make, receive, and manage calls with Lync 2010

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

To call a contact in Lync 2010, you need to:

Select the Phones tab, enter a phone number in the search field, and then click the Call button.

In your Contacts list, point to the contact’s name, and then click the Call button.

Type the contact’s name or phone number in the search field, point to the contact’s name, and then click the Call button.

All of these.

To answer a Lync 2010 call, click the Phone icon on the incoming call alert.



You can manage your Lync calls with which of the following call controls?

Mute and unmute microphone.

Adjust volume and mute speakers.

Change the audio device for the call.

All of these.

How do you transfer a Lync call to your mobile phone from the Conversation window?

Click the Transfer menu, and then click Mobile.

Click the Share menu, and then click Share Number to Mobile.

Click Join Information and Meeting Options link and copy Dial-in number, using Mobile phone to dial conference call.

Select the Audio Device menu, and then click Other Device.

How do you set Lync to forward calls to your home?

Click the Audio Device menu and select Home under Other Device.

Click the Call Forwarding button, select Forward Calls To, and click Home number under Forward Calls To.

Click the Set Your Location button and choose Home.

Click the Options button, click Call Forwarding, and then select Simultaneous Ring and then add your Home number.

I can search for someone by name or phone number using the Lync Search field.



In Lync 2010 what environment provides missed call or missed conversation details?

The Phone environment.

The Activity Feed environment.

The Status environment.

The Conversation environment.

How do you perform a call quality check?

Click the Audio Device menu, and then click Check Call Quality.

Click Collect Logs, and then click include a sample voice recording.

Click Options button, click Ringtones and Sounds, and then click Play Sounds in Lync.

Type check call quality into Search field and press Enter.

During a conversation I can drag and drop additional participants into a conversation directly from Contacts.



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