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Make, receive, and manage calls with Lync 2010

Exercise 6: Customize your voice mail greeting using Lync 2010

Now it’s your turn to try things out. Follow these steps to practice customizing your voice mail greeting using Lync 2010.

First, record a personal greeting.

  1. In the Lync main window, click the Phone icon Button image.
  2. Below the dial pad, click the Display voice mail options menu Button image.
  3. Click Change Greetings.
  4. Follow the voice prompts to record your greeting.
  5. Use the dial pad to enter any keys required, such as numbers, * or # sign.

Once you are done recording your greeting, change the time delay before calls go to voice mail.

  1. Click the Call forwarding button Button image, and then click Call Forwarding Settings.
  2. Click the link by Unanswered calls will go to, and change how many seconds to wait before sending incoming calls to voice mail.
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